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AIMEQUIP, is an Australian-based engineering solutions and industrial machinery provider specialising in water, wastewater, gas handling systems, solid controls and environmental & waste management sectors.


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Welcome to AIMEQUIP, your premier destination for engineering solutions and industrial machinery in Australia. As a proudly Australian-owned company, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge solutions for water, wastewater, gas handling systems, and environmental & waste management sectors. Committed to innovation, we creatively tackle complex challenges, ensuring practical and cost-effective solutions for our clients. At AIMEQUIP, our dedication shines through in delivering top-notch quality in design, machinery, and after-sale services, setting a benchmark in the industry.

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Separation Technology

Separation is a crucial process in industries such as wastewater treatment, that effectively separates solid particles from the liquid phase in a mixture.

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Dewatering Solutions

Dewatering is an essential process in wastewater and sewage treatment. It effectively reduces the excess water and moisture content of sludges or slurries generated during water treatment.

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Wastewater Filter Screen

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater treatment systems are an essential physical, chemical, and biological processes to purifying contaminated water before it is discharged back into the environment.

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Material Handling

Material handling in wastewater treatment involves the efficient movement and management of various materials and components within treatment facilities.

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