Water Sand Filter

• Water sand filter: A primary or preliminary filter used for water treatment

• Also known as a sand bed filter

• Effectively remove heavy metals, sand, organics, and colloid from water

• Not generate additional pollution during the filtration process


A water sand filter is used as a primary or preliminary filter in water treatment to remove heavy metals, sand, organics, and colloid. It has the features of no secondary pollution and lower operation costs.

Water Sand Filter advantages

Water Sand Filter Advantages


The materials used in the construction of these filters are relatively inexpensive, and the maintenance costs are usually lower than more complex filtration systems.

Simple Design and Operation

Water sand filters have a straightforward design, making them easy to operate and maintain. They don’t require complex mechanisms or a high level of technical expertise for installation and routine maintenance.

High Efficiency in Particle Removal

Sand filters are highly effective at removing suspended solids and particles from water. The sand media traps and retains particles, preventing them from passing through and resulting in cleaner water.


Water sand filters can be used in various applications, including drinking water treatment, swimming pool filtration, and industrial water treatment. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of water purification needs.

Reliable Performance

When properly maintained, water sand filters provide reliable and consistent performance over time. They can handle fluctuations in water flow and load without a significant decrease in efficiency.


Sand filters are scalable and can be adapted to different sizes and capacities. Whether for a small residential pool or a large municipal water treatment plant, the design can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the application.

Natural Filtration

The process of filtration in water sand filters mimics natural groundwater filtration. This means that sand filters can provide a more environmentally friendly solution compared to some chemical treatment methods.

Long Service Life

With proper maintenance, water sand filters can have a long service life. Regular backwashing and occasional replacement of the sand media contribute to sustaining their effectiveness over an extended period.

Low Energy Consumption

Sand filters typically have low energy requirements, contributing to their cost-effectiveness. They don’t rely on electricity-intensive processes, making them energy-efficient compared to some alternative water treatment technologies.

Compatibility with Other Treatment Methods

Water sand filters can be used in combination with other water treatment methods, such as chemical disinfection or activated carbon filtration, to achieve a comprehensive purification process.

Water Sand Filter Features

  • Filter speed: 8-12m/h
  • Backwashing intensity: 9-15L/0.5s㎡
  • Backwashing time: 5-7 minutes
  • Inlet pressure: ≥0.4Mpa; backwashing inlet pressure: ≥0.2Mpa
  • Expansibility: 20%-50%
  • The materials used for construction are 304 stainless steel and carbon steel.

Working Principle

A water sand filter uses control valves to change the inlet/outlet directions. When water flows down through the sand from top to bottom, it is filtered; when water flows up from bottom to top, it is being backwashed. The quartz sand is packed in the following manner:

  • Main removal layer: Quartz with a diameter of 0.5-1.0mm and a height of 700mm
  • Two support layers: Quartz with a diameter of 1-2mm and a height of 150-200mm, and quartz with a diameter of 2-3mm and a height of 150-200mm.

For raw influent, the removal capacity is 0.5-1.0kg/m³. For influent treated with lime, the removal capacity is 1.5-2.0kg/m³, and for influent after coagulation, the removal capacity is 2.5-3.0kg/m³.

Water Sand Filter features

Water Sand Filter Parameters

Model Sc03-300 Sc03-400 Sc03-500 Sc03-600 Sc03-700
Specifications φ300*1600 φ400*1600 φ500*1650 φ600*1700 φ700*1600
Flow 0.5~1 m³/h 1~1.5 m³/h 1.5~2 m³/h 2~4 m³/h 4~6 m³/h
Model Sc03-800 Sc03-900 Sc03-1000 Sc03-1200
Specifications φ800*1600 φ900*2400 φ1000*2500 φ1200*2700
Flow 6~8 m³/h 7~9 m³/h 8~11 m³/h 10~14 m³/h
Model Sc03-1500 Sc03-1600 Sc03-1800 Sc03-2000
Specifications φ1500*2900 φ1600*2900 φ1800*3200 φ2000*3300
Flow 12~18 m³/h 18~25 m³/h 24~32 m³/h 28~40 m³/h
Model Sc03-2400 Sc03-2500 Sc03-2600 Sc03-2700
Specifications φ2400*3500 φ2500*3600 φ2600*3700 φ2700*3750
Flow 25~36 m³/h 45~60 m³/h 55~65 m³/h 60~72 m³/h
Model Sc03-2800 Sc03-3000 Sc03-3200 Sc03-3500
Specifications φ2800*3800 φ3000*3950 φ3200*4100 φ3500*4300
Flow 68~85 m³/h 75~95 m³/h 90~110 m³/h 110~140 m³/h


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