Automatic Filter Press

• Automatic Filter Press: Streamlining Solid-Liquid Separation Through Automation

• Simple operation, low investment, and high energy efficiency

• Residual moisture ranges from 15% to 20%

• Engineered and designed in Australia


AIMEQUIP automatic filter press is a highly efficient solid/liquid separation device that utilizes membrane filter plates. It is widely used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, medicine, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, and wastewater treatment plants. The membrane filter plates provide a high degree of dewatering and ensure the separation of solids and liquids. With its automatic operation, low energy consumption, and reliable performance, the filter press is an ideal choice for many industries.

Automatic Filter Press Advantages

Efficient Solid-Liquid Separation

Automatic filter presses are highly efficient in separating solid particles from liquids. The pressure applied to the filtration process helps in achieving a high degree of dryness in the filtered solids.

Continuous Operation

Automatic filter presses can operate continuously, which is beneficial for processes requiring a steady and uninterrupted flow. This is especially important in industries with continuous production needs.

Reduced Filtration Time

The automation features of the filter press contribute to reduced filtration time. This efficiency is crucial for processes that demand quick and effective solid-liquid separation.

Consistent Filtration Results

Automation ensures consistent and reproducible filtration results. This reliability is valuable in maintaining product quality and meeting regulatory standards.

Labor Savings

The automation of the filter press reduces the need for manual intervention, leading to labor savings. Operators can monitor the process and make adjustments as needed, but the overall operation is streamlined.

Lower Cake Moisture Content

Automatic filter presses are designed to achieve lower moisture content in the filtered cake compared to some other filtration methods. This is advantageous in processes where a drier solid product is required.


Automatic filter presses are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including wastewater treatment, mining, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. The flexibility makes them suitable for diverse industrial processes.

Space Efficiency

Filter presses, in general, are known for their relatively compact design, and the automatic variant maintains this space efficiency. This is particularly important in industries where floor space is a concern.

Closed System

Automatic filter presses often operate in a closed system, minimizing exposure to the surrounding environment. This closed design helps in preventing contamination and maintaining a clean working environment.

Customizable Automation

Many automatic filter presses allow for customizable automation settings, providing operators with the ability to tailor the filtration process to specific requirements.

Automatic Filter Press Features

  • Simple operation, low investment, and high energy efficiency
  • Up to 99% solid recovery rate
  • Residual moisture ranges from 15% to 20%
  • Lower operating costs
  • 90% of the filtrate is removed through backwashing


Automatic Filter Press Features

How does Automatic Filter Press work? 

The AIMEQUIP automatic filter press works by separating solids and liquids in a slurry through a series of plates and frames. The slurry is fed into each separating chamber with the help of a pump, ensuring that the suspended solids do not settle down. Each separating chamber consists of a filter frame and two filter plates separated by cloths. The slurry flows through the inlet port into each chamber, and the filter cakes begin to accumulate on the cloths of the frames. As the cakes thicken, they are separated from the filter plates by pulling the plate and frame filter press apart, and the cakes fall down for further disposal. The final filter cake has a water content ranging from 80% to 60%, depending on the specific application.

How does Automatic Filter Press work

How Automatic Filter Press work

Automatic Filter Press Parameters

Model Filter area (㎡) Plate size (mm) Cake thickness (mm) Filter Chamber (mm) Filter pressure (bar) Power (kW) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
AIM-BK30 30 870*870 30 460 23 0.6 3046 3180*1200*1300
AIM-BK40 40 870*870 30 595 30 0.6 3593 3570*1200*1300
AIM-BK50 50 870*870 30 748 38 0.6 4057 4100*1200*1300
AIM-BK60 60 870*870 30 902 46 0.6 4597 4550*1200*1300
AIM-BK70 70 870*870 30 1056 54 0.6 5136 4990*1200*1300
AIM-BK80 80 870*870 30 1210 62 0.6 5636 5430*1200*1300




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