Mud Cleaner

• Mud Cleaner: Streamlining Drilling Operations Through Efficient Solid Control

• Including desanders, desilters, hydrocyclones, and an underflow shale shaker, to separate solids from drilling mud

• Compact and robust design

• Wear-resistant polyurethane hydro-cyclones

• Enhancing the properties of the drilling mud, including viscosity and rheological characteristics by the removal of solids


AIMEQUIP Mud Cleaner is a solid control system that combines several components including de-sanders, desilters, hydro-cyclones, and a shale shaker. It is designed to effectively separate solids within a wide and adjustable range, based on the type of screens used.

Mud Cleaner features

Mud Cleaner Advantages

Efficient Solid Control

Mud Cleaners are highly effective in removing both large and small solid particles from drilling mud. They typically consist of hydrocyclones and screens, providing a dual-stage process for efficient solid control.

Space Efficiency

Mud Cleaners are designed to integrate multiple functions into a single unit, including desanding and desilting. This compact design saves space on the drilling rig, which is often a critical factor in offshore and onshore drilling operations.

Cost Savings

Mud Cleaners contribute to cost savings by extending the life of drilling mud. This allows for the reuse of mud, reducing the need for frequent mud replacements and lowering overall drilling fluid costs.

Enhanced Drilling Efficiency

Maintaining a clean and well-controlled drilling mud with the help of Mud Cleaners improves the efficiency of the drilling process. It helps prevent issues such as stuck pipe, wellbore instability, and other drilling problems associated with poor mud quality.

Environmental Compliance

Mud Cleaners play a role in environmental compliance by reducing the volume of drilling waste that needs to be disposed of. This aligns with environmental regulations and promotes responsible drilling practices.

Adaptability to Varying Conditions

Mud Cleaners are designed to handle varying drilling conditions and mud compositions. They can be adjusted and optimized for different drilling projects, making them versatile and adaptable.

User-Friendly Operation

Many Mud Cleaners feature user-friendly controls and automation, simplifying operation and reducing the need for constant manual monitoring. This contributes to overall drilling efficiency.

Mud Cleaner features

Mud Cleaner Features

  • Compact and robust design
  • Wear-resistant polyurethane hydro-cyclones
  • The ability to use a wide range of AIM EQUIP shale shakers
  •  Enhancing the properties of the drilling mud, including viscosity and rheological characteristics by the removal of solids
  • The system is also customizable in terms of the number of de-sanders, de-silters, and hydro-cyclones, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Mud Cleaner Parameters

Model AIM250 × 1/100 × 6 AIM250 × 1/100 × 8 AIM250 × 2/100 × 12 AIM300 × 2/100 × 16
Treating Capacity 90m3/h
Separation Size 15-75μm
Desander Cones 10″(250) × 1 10″(250) × 1 10″(250) × 2 12″(300) × 2
Desilter Cones 4″(100) × 6 4″(100) × 8 4″(100) × 12 4″(100) × 16
Inlet Diameter DN150
Outlet Diameter DN200
Pressure 0.25~0.40MPa
Matching Pump DCSB5 × 4-12-22kW DCSB6 × 5-12-30kW DCSB8 × 6-13-55kW DCSB8 × 6-13-55kW
Matching Shaker Model DCZS850-2K DCZS700-3G DCZS630-3K
Vibrating Model Linear Motion
Motor Power 2 × 1.5kW 2 × 1.5kW 2 × 1.5kW
Screen Qty 2 panel 3 panel 3 panel
Screen Specification 850 × 1250mm × 2 panel,120~300mesh 700 × 1050mm × 3 panel,120~300mesh 630 × 1250mm × 3 panel,120~300mesh
Screen Area 2.12m2 2.2 m2 2.36 m2
Screen Type Steel Frame Hookstrip Steel Frame
Electric Specs 380V/50HZ or 460V/60HZ or Customized
EX Standard Ex dⅡBT4
Dimension 2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm 2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm 2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm 2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm
Weight 1780kg 2080kg 2200kg 2350kg
Remark 1、4″ Cones =10~20m3/h, 10″ Cones =90~120m3/h ,12″ Cones>120m3/h 2、The motor power of centrifugal pump choosed is according to drilling mud specific gravity 1.2g/cm3



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